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Caren’s professional background is in real estate as a broker, developer and builder, predominantly specializing in horse properties and commercial contracting.  However, that is not where her true passion lies.

“I’ve had a passion for animals as long as I can remember.
They’re like family and they’ve always been there for me —
especially through difficult times.”  C.C.

Those who know Caren agree that her love and compassion for animals is unparalleled.  Along with a lifetime of experience and committed dedication to their welfare, she has profound insight into the lives of animals that goes beyond the natural realm into the supernatural. 

Caren has a diverse and extensive background in the horse industry.  She is proficient in the use of a multitude of natural therapies and follows a holistic approach in caring for animals.  In addition, she earned an undergraduate degree in Animal Science as well as a doctoral in Theology.

Even though many events in her life led to a series of successful achievements, there was always a deep void that she tried to fill through her love and compassion for animals.  One day, during a season of great difficulty in her life, her passion for truth led her to a “road to Damascus” experience.  She encountered the Lord for the first time and He completely changed the trajectory of her life. 

Today Caren is bold and on fire for Jesus!  Her love for Christ is undeniably contagious and her love for animals points people to Him. 

She is a seeker of truth and perceives everything in life and the world through God’s eyes — courageously defending whom and what she believes in by exposing the enemy and revealing the Truth! 

Caren understands the beautiful harmony and mystery between man and animals along with God’s wonderful plan for their redemption.  In-depth study and revelation not only in her personal life but extensive research of her doctoral thesis, “What Happens to Animals When They Die,” makes her one of the leading experts on this topic.

Passion defines Caren

Passion for the Lord!  Passion for souls!  Passion for animals!