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Animal lovers often say, 

“the greatest days of my life were the days I
spent with my animals — but the worst day, was the day they died.”

        The heart of Passion4Animals  is to share the truth and dispel the misconceptions pertaining to the controversial subject of what happens to animals when they pass.  Our answer to this as well as many other disputed questions is based solely on the Word of God.

      It’s our sincere desire that everyone would experience the genuine love of God and come to understand His purpose for both man and animals alike.  But most of all, we want you to know — you can spend  “Eternity with Your Pets”.

      In addition to bringing forth the truth of God’s Word, we have years of extensive experience and knowledge in maintaining healthy living by combining holistic and traditional methods – as well as recognizing when and how to apply emergency care for your animals.

      The prevention of sickness and disease will always be on the forefront of our mission in an effort to promote the welfare of animals.  In doing so, we teach people how to achieve and maintain optimal health for their animals.  Another objective of our mission is to help and contribute to other animal organizations, rescues, shelter, and ministries.     

 Passion4Animals’ first rescue horse — Sophie 

         And finally, because we believe there is power in prayer, it is an intricate and vital part of our organization.  Our commitment is to be available to pray for you and your pets. We have a prayer team that loves the Lord and knows His Word —  consequently, they pray effective prayers.

Dedicated to the Welfare of Animals 
and the Advancement of the Kingdom of God

O Lord, You preserve man and beast.
Psalm 36:6