Eternity with your Pets

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Have you ever wondered what happens to animals when they die? Many people have and almost as many are completely confused about the topic. In the book “Eternity with Your Pets,” Caren Clevenger shares over a decade of spiritual research and clearly explains God’s original and eternal intent. This must read book is for all animal lovers and will help to answer the question once and for all – will you spend Eternity with Your Pets?

All royalties for “Eternity with Your Pets” will go to help support the welfare of animals and the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

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20 reviews for Eternity with your Pets

  1. Jacque

    I’ve always wondered and hoped. This book was eye opening, heart warming and has great wisdom. Its speaks truth from God’s word, which is absolute. I now have hope, joy and peace with assurance I’ll see our animals, many of them, in Gods kingdom. Thank you Caren for sharing your heart, your life, your wisdom and ministering to me. To God be the glory.

  2. Matilda J

    This is a must read book for you or anyone you may know who loves their pet like family. It gives the reader the reassurance that they can have the opportunity to be reunited with their pets who have passed – through God’s plan of redemption.
    Caren brings solid evidence that refutes the naysayers’ arguments that cause doubt and discouragement among animal lovers and she proves biblically that their opinions have been based entirely on false assumptions!
    I’ve bought multiple copies to give to my grieving friends and it gave them peace and closure to a difficult situation. Highly recommended!

  3. Ernest Gilbert

    This book is an important milestone for those who want to understand animals at a greater level. It provides insight into how human/animal relationships work in both the natural and spiritual realms. For me, this was a comforting book to read and i highly recommend it.

  4. Bhavnish Kumar

    This book is like nothing you have ever imagined, with its richly developed content you would become more close to the inner peace within you. Every chapter gives you new depth in knowing relation between you and your pets and where do they go in their afterlife journey. After reading this book I feel more connected with my pets and nature around me. I want to read some more books by this fine author in future.

  5. Donny

    Finally a solid answer to the question, “Will I see my pet in heaven?” We can all come together over the Biblical look into this subject. The loss we have all experienced has been, at least in my life, relieved! I have recommended this book time and again. This contentious subject can be laid to ‘rest’. Donny Wheeler

  6. Sheila (verified owner)

    I have always wondered about God’s plan for animals after death. With 2 beloved cats (one who just passed away earlier this month), this book has brought such tremendous comfort and spiritual understanding. I’m so impressed with the amount of scripture and how gifted Carin is at explaining each point and bring such passion and heart into each chapter. I’m so thankful for my friend who told me about this book. It has been such a blessing to me & my husband and I ordered it for 2 family members as well. It’s an absolute MUST READ!

  7. Debra Kruse

    I am forever grateful for Caren’s passion for animals, which led her to write this book about eternity with your pets. She explains their God given purposes & their existence according to the word of God. I’m so comforted by the truths she reveals through many scriptures. This is a must read for all animal lovers.

  8. Dar

    This book is a MUST HAVE ! I now know and believe that I will once again see my beautiful dog, Girlie Girl and all of the horses and other animals that I have lost. What comfort and hope this eye opening book brings.

  9. Carol Bartholomew

    Caren will unlock truth backed by the Word of God to reveal to you the destiny, purpose and role that our beloved pets play in heaven and on earth. There is no more doubt, from a loving God that it is a fact that you can be reunited with you precious pets.

  10. Joanna Hunt-Boyer

    Excellent book and very biblically comprehensive! Caren makes understanding what God says about animals so simple. It’s unreal that so many churches are missing this basic truth. This is a MUST READ for every person who wants the truth about their beloved animals.

  11. stephenie howell

    This book gave me peace and assurance to know that I will be with my animals for all eternity! I will never again be separated from them! Thank you Caren for writing this amazing book.

  12. Elizabeth

    My mom told me a long time ago that our family’s pets are in heaven and that I would see them there. I believed her, but this belief was based on hope. I have been searching for evidence of this hope being true… and Eternity with your Pets is the answer to my hope. The words written reveal truths I have been searching for since I was young. This book clearly explains the Biblical truth about HOW and WHY my cats, dog, and hamster are in heaven – and how to make sure I get there too, so I can spend eternity with my pets.

  13. Cynthia

    This book backs up with Scripture what I have believed for decades. It’s sad so many Christians have believed the oft-repeated lie that “animals don’t have souls and don’t go to heaven.” I was told this as a child by a “Christian” teacher. I wish that woman would read this book today! I shared it with a friend who needed comfort about her cats who had died. Animal lovers will learn much and if they don’t know Jesus Christ as Savior, this book might open their eyes.

  14. Bethany Holley

    Blessed by this book…..It’s comforting and soothing to anyone who has lost a pet…

  15. Chad Cox (verified owner)

    Thank you Caren. Prayers & Blessings.

  16. September Provencher

    I read this book in two sittings. I have little doubt that I would have finished it in its entirety had I not been traveling. The concepts presented by the author regarding the spirit of both animals and humans and the nature of their special relationship and intended place in this world and beyond is well laid out and supported throughout. This book changed me in so many ways: my thinking, my lifestyle, and that of my beloved dogs. Looking at nature and humanity through fresh eyes gave me the motivation and courage to seek and pursue truths far beyond its scope. I will forever remember this book as the beginning of a great many beautiful transformations. Thank you, God Bless.

  17. Chad Cox (verified owner)


  18. Chad Cox (verified owner)

    Written with passion.
    Backed by the word of Father God.

  19. John Kistler

    the best book on animal immortality I have read, very thorough, explained clearly. There may be a few things I would interpret differently but the vast majority is a plain and true view of the Bible’s views on animals.

  20. Chad Cox (verified owner)


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